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What is a Virtual Private Server?

Virtual Private Server or VPS Hosting is a modern type of hosting in which by utilizing virtualization technology a virtual layer is installed on top of the operating system of server. This way the server is divided into many individual compartments with virtual walls, which enables every user to install operating system and softwares of his own choice. In VPS your files are separated from other users at the level of OS, which makes it a private server. Which means your website is hosted in a separate portion of server with guaranteed resources such as disk space, memory, CPU cores etc and you do not have to share it with other users. Virtual Private server is also known as virtual dedicated server (VDS). User perceives it as private/dedicated server although it is installed on a physical server running multiple OS.

We provide professional Dedicated Servers in Dubai, UAE at very affordable prices at high level support. Our servers are highly configured with high performance Hardware and Softwares.

Select the Product

By following simple steps you will able to make order in any of following services. As a first step you need to select the required services i.e Dedicated Servers, VPS Servers, Shared Hosting, Web Development etc.

Make the Payment

After selecting your desired services, you need to give your contact information where we can deliver the product details. For this you need to fill the information requested on product selection and pay the invoice you received in your email.

Receive the Goods

Once you have received the invoice in your email or get it on completion of order you need to pay it. Once you pay the invoice then we will deliver the details of shared hosting upto 30 minuites, VPS take upto 4 hours, Dedicated server take upto 6 hours normally.

Core Services We Provide

If you are new and do not know where to start? then here we are. We provide full package under one plateform. We provide from scratch to Brand Building services. Following are our core services.

VPS Server Hosting UAE

We are the leading company in UAE who provides the VPS Server Hosting. Our VPS Servers are highly configured. We choose the only high quality harwares and best licensed softwares. Each VPS include 24/7 Email support system.

Dedicated Server Hosting UAE

When we do talk about the dedicated Servers in UAE the first name people know is uaevpssserver.com which is well reputed and well known in the field of Dedicated servers in UAE. We provide every kind of load and heavy traffic control on your app.

Shared Web Hosting

We have created different shared Hosting plans to entertain you with dedicated resources on server which make us the different then others. We have very controlled load on our servers which will make it possible give you blend of real up time.